a Yoga journey

I invite you to share healing experiences — led by your body, your breath and inner wisdom.

Relax into it. I‘ll guide you.

"Are you ready to start a journey to the deepest layers of yourself and transform your life?"

Health & Life Coaching

Private sessions on- & offline.


No styles. Just Yoga. A complete practice based on the sister sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra.

Online programs

Let’s connect from wherever you are.

"My experience with Joanna was love at the first sight. The moment I heard her speaking, I felt a connection that was beyond words itself. I remember her generous arms, full of love and energy, that made my personality crumble and even have caused tears.

That happened often. That’s the most palpable demonstration of the connection I felt with her. Beyond the physical, she touched my soul.

All in all, besides her young age she holds a very profound wisdom of Yoga. She knows Yoga, lives Yoga, and that’s why she transmits Yoga."
headshot of past client elena

Yoga with me

joanna menges smiling in front of tree

Hi, I'm Joanna

I am here to support you and remind you who you truly are.

My task is remembering the completeness of your being, how to heal from within and connect to the infinite vital force and bliss inside of you. 

Together we design a Life that enhances calmness, stability and deep loving connection to your Self and others –  with powerful techniques based on Yoga and modern science.

Start your journey of
Love. Heal. Connect.

Yoga for Health and Healing

Yoga has already the techniques to the theory that modern science still discovers. 

Yoga is much more than posture, breath and relaxation. It’s a complete system that drives you to inner and outer health and harmony. 

Let’s get back in alignment with your True Self – the source of love, health, and connection that is already inside you.

joanna menges with hands in prayer pose behind her back
"She helped me to reconnect to myself, to take care of myself and improve my self-confidence. She will sit down on the floor with you, she will listen to you and most importantly, she will trust you."
headshot of past client nadia
"Joanna is just special. She’s joyful with what she transmits. She brings you in a quiet space in every way. With her practices and the words she guides you inwards. And then you just pause, center. It’s like therapy."
headshot of past client lourdes