“The moment you are back in your true nature, you vibrate in the highest frequency of life. And healing begins by itself.”

Hi there, I'm Joanna.

More than 10 years of discovery, research and constant practice in Yoga, Quantum Physics, and Psychology have shown me that the more aligned we are with the highest frequency of existence, the better our health and the more harmony and bliss we experience in our daily life.

Now I guide others to empower their lives through the frequency of love and aligning to your True Self.

Health and peace starts within you.

"What can I say about her. Joanna is just special. She’s joyful with what she transmits. She brings you in a quiet space in all ways. With her practices and the words she guides you inwards. And then you just pause, center. It’s like a therapy."
headshot of past client lourdes

My personal story:

Hello beautiful being,

My story is your story. It’s not so different to those of any other human being. We all experience struggles, we all fight our battles, we experience suffering and traumatic experiences, imbalances and disease.
So that’s nothing new.

I won’t tell you another hero story. About how I’ve dealt with my own diagnosis. How I made my way from disease towards ease again. Or about how meaningful experiences changed my life and formed my biography.

Because we are all on the same boat.

And this boat is called: human experience.

But at some point we forgot to be human.

And we forgot who we truly are.

And that’s where we need to reconnect and start the story of:


Every single day, we have the choice to make. Do I create habits, thoughts and emotions that leverage my health and wellbeing? Do I create a lifestyle that is aligned with my true nature? I have the possibility to reprogram my cells in a way that no past information can determine my present moment or predict my future. 

Where do you wan to go? 

From imbalance to balance.
From unconscious to conscious.
From fear to love. 


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joanna smiling in yoga pose outdoors

The Gift of Yoga

Yoga is the science of life. And I found in Yoga the system, method and techniques that brought together all my prior experiences. Yoga includes the science of the body, the breath, sleep, brain, psyche, soul. It’s a science of consciousness becoming manifested.

All of what I had learned through my doctor, through the books of Bruce Lipton, through meditation and mindfulness and through the exploration of my own consciousness. Like a great puzzle becoming complete.

Now I use the ancient and wise science of Yoga, empowered by my own experience of healing, to guide others back towards that space.

So they can live a life without fear and full of love, centered in their own inner wisdom and aligned with who they are meant to be.

Start today to
love. heal. connect.

Spiritual Life Coaching

One-on-one sessions where I help you find a peaceful state of being and access your natural self-healing potential..


Scientific research shows the right Yoga practice has an overall positive effect on your health and wellbeing.​

Online Course

In-depth programs where you can explore the transformational power of yoga in the company of like-minded individuals.

Education & Teachings


  • 1:1 Trainings in Yoga & Ayurveda with my Mentor Anushree Singh in India
  • Chakra Yoga & Yantra Yoga with David Goulet
  • Tantra Yoga trainings and practice with Octavio Salvado
  • Pranayama and Nidra with Anna Trökes
  • ParaNidra with Rod Stryker
  • 200H Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training in India
  • 100H Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • Energy Healing (Reiki)
  • Continued education in fascia studies with Dr. Robert Schleip
  • Academic studies in culture, media and psychology

Joanna travelled the world and studied with various great teachers and masters (specially in India, Bali and Germany).

But the greatest source is higher consciousness, constant practice and the guidance through her german doctor (pioneer and expert in quantum physics). He taught her about the power of her own mind and about the higher existence beyond matter since a very young age.

Her approach and method is inspired by the lineage and teachings of great Yoga Masters like Swami Gitananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Rama and his disciples like Rajmani Tigunai, David Goulet, and Octavio and Emma Salvado.